Dried Mangoes

Dried Mangoes

What do we know about the exotic fruit called mango? Not that much. What we do know is that it’s bright, tasty and good for our health. This fruit can be found in India, Pakistan, Mexico, Thailand, and some other southern countries. There are approximately 300 different kinds of mangoes. They are of different colors and shapes but there is something that unites them – all of them are good for our health.

How about the dried mango? This product is made from juicy ripe mango fruits. Mango is cut into thin flat strips and then put into dehydrator where it loses the excess moisture. At the next stage, the dried mango is covered with a thin layer of oil made from rice bran. It is done to preserve all the useful properties of the product and make it look attractive and appetizing.

Dried Mango Calories

Dried mango has more calories than the fresh fruit which is considered to be a dietary product. There are 314 calories in 100g of dried fruit. But most of the calories come from carbohydrates as dried mango has very small quantities of protein and fat. Nevertheless, if you are trying to lose weight you should not consume a lot of dried mangoes.

Rich in Vitamins

Dried mango slices are a good source of vitamins. They contain 20% of the daily value of vitamin A. It plays a vital role in cell growth, good eyesight and strong immune system. Also, vitamins B, D, and E are present in notable quantities. All of them are involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters that are required for good cognitive function. Vitamin B6 assists in the synthesis of serotonin. Thus mango can be considered as a natural medicine for depression. Dried mango does not have big amounts of vitamin C, unlike the fresh fruit, not more than 2% of daily value. A big part of vitamin C is lost during the drying process.

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Good Source of Minerals

Though not in high amounts but minerals are present in dried mango. It has small amounts of calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Iron plays a key role in oxygen transition in the blood as well as oxygen storage in muscle tissue. Calcium is responsible for bone strength and density. Also, it maintains the heart, muscles, and keeps nerves healthy.

The combination of vitamins and minerals prevents different kinds of cancer, most of all those related to the reproductive and genitourinary system. The small concerns of dried mango nutrition is that they contain a lot of protein, carbohydrates, sugar, small amounts of fat and plenty of dietary fiber. You should keep in mind that it contains no cholesterol, which makes it irreplaceable for a healthy diet.

Benefits For Your Health

Different studies show that mango can easily decrease the tension, improve mood, help to cope with stress, and even enhance sexual performance. If you regularly consume this fruit it will normalize the functioning of your digestive system. It is due to high amounts of dietary fiber present in the fruit.

Your cardiovascular system can also benefit from dried mango slices consumption. Chewing small slices of the fruit every day for two weeks will lead to the strengthening of the heart muscle. The vitamins and minerals in this fruit assist in the prevention of such diseases as anemia, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. The health benefits of dried mango are numerous. It helps to normalize sleep, improve the eyesight, nervous system and hearing.

Make It a Part of Your Diet

Fresh mango fruits are widely used in different dishes but dried mango fruits are just as tasty and useful. Most often dried mango can be found as the main ingredient in the dishes of Thai cuisine. Due to the pleasant taste and unique flavor, the dishes with dried mango are specially refined and bring a lot of benefits to our body.

Fragrant slices of the dried mango can be a light and healthy alternative to a light snack. They are used in different salads recipes, various simple and complex desserts and other sweet dishes. Dried mango is especially popular in the cereal content where it is used as a natural sugar substitute. If you are curious about how to prepare and dry mango, you can here!

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