L'Equip FilterPro Food Dehydrator

L’Equip FilterPro Dehydrator

L’Equip FilterPro dehydrator is an irreplaceable thing when it comes to food drying. Certainly, you can easily buy dried fruits and vegetables at the store. But considering all the chemical treatment they are usually going through before being packaged, doing it yourself seems to be a much better idea.

To start experimenting with dehydrating different kinds of food you would need a dehydrator with medium capacities, like L’Equip FilterPro. It is of rectangular shape and comes with 6 stackable trays. Each of the trays has 1.2 sq. ft. of drying space. So when you use all the 6 trays you will have a total capacity of 7.2 sq. ft.

L’Equip FilterPro is quite powerful, operated with 530 watts. And its high-quality performance is supplemented with a modern nice-looking design. L’Equip FilterPro is quite compact so it will fit into any kitchen and can be easily placed on the counter.

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L’Equip FilterPro benefits

One of the major benefits that make this dehydrator stand out against all the others is the “Clean Air” filtration system. It filters the air in the unit making sure the dried products will be totally clean. And there will be no mix of flavors. The fan and heater are located in the base and blow heated air up through the trays.

The drying environment is stabilized with the help of a microprocessor controlled heat sensor. You won’t have to constantly keep an eye on the drying process as time and temperature can be adjusted according to your needs. A 24-hour shut-off timer enables you to load the dehydrator and be busy with other home chores, go shopping, visit friends or simply sleep.

Using this piece of equipment you don’t have to worry about food contact with plastic as all the details are made of BPA-free plastic. It’s worth to mention that this dehydrator doesn’t make much noise. The fan operates quietly and the noise won’t disturb you. So you can leave the dehydrator running over the night with no hesitation. Also, it has an on/off switch so it’s more convenient to turn it on and off. Some other dehydrators don’t have it and you would have to plug/unplug it every time.

Most prominent features

Let’s outline the most significant features of L’Equip FilterPro which make it the best choice for you:

  1. Computer controlled heat sensor and adjustable thermostat
    It has the drying environment under control and if the temperature is different from the one set, it stabilizes the drying environment right away. You can set the temperature according to the products you’re drying.
  2. Digital LED time and temperature display
    You can easily monitor if the temperature in the appliance is correct and how much time is left for the food to be dried.
  3. Expandable capacity
    Originally the dehydrator comes with 6 trays. But as your needs grow you can add the additional trays, up to 12. It should be also mentioned that all the trays have sides which makes it convenient to load the tray (food is not falling out of it).
  4. On/off switch
    No need to plug and unplug the equipment every time you want to dry some food, on/off switch is there for your convenience.
  5. 10-year limited warranty
    It has a base warranty of 10 years, and 1 year on the trays.

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L’Equip FilterPro drawbacks

It’s clear that like so many other dehydrators it has some weak points of its own. According to customers’ reviews, there’s one thing they are not satisfied with:

  • Smaller drying capacity
    Some people notice that when more than 6 trays are used the quality of drying is lower. So it is better to use 4-6 trays. If you’re using more, a good idea would be to rotate them from time to time in order to dry the food evenly.

L’Equip FilterPro is a good choice for those who start their journey into the world of dried food. It has plenty of space to hit the road with your dehydration experiments. The appliance is easy to use and clean, will not require too much storage space. Besides offering reliable equipment L’Equip is helping the environment as for every unit they sell one tree is planted. So the forests will benefit from your purchase as well. For more reviews and how the L’Equip FilterPro compares to other food dehydrators, follow this link!

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For the manual on the L’Equip FilterPro, click the following link, L’Equip FilterPro dehydrator.

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