Dried Banana Chips, Bananas, Dehydrated Banana

Dried Banana Chips

Dehydrating bananas is a great healthy snack that is a great replacement for those junk food choices. They can be crunchy almost like a chip or chewier with a sweet and more concentrated banana taste. Banana chips are 4% water, 58% carbohydrates, 34% fat (29% saturated fat and 2% monounsaturated fat), 2% protein and 8% …

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Dried Mangoes

Dried Mangoes

What do we know about the exotic fruit called mango? Not that much. What we do know is that it’s bright, tasty and good for our health. This fruit can be found in India, Pakistan, Mexico, Thailand, and some other southern countries. There are approximately 300 different kinds of mangoes. They are of different colors …

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Top 10 Best Tasting Freeze Dried Foods for Camping and Hiking

Freeze-dried food is very common with campers and hikers, the hardcore ones at least. There are multiple ways to make freeze dried food, the most common being the three-step process: Freezing the food Place the food in a vacuum chamber under low heat so that the frozen water particles can evaporate from ice to water …

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